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    • 18 Aug 2021
    • 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM (EDT)
    • Your place

    I’M BLACK; YOU’RE WHITE—NOW WHAT? Welcome to the Status Café

    Based on their acclaimed podcast of the same name, David Conley and Chris Thurber will guide participants through Status Café, an original exercise in communication and social hierarchy that reveals the roots of racism. Through skillful use of improv and participants’ own experiences, David and Chris will coach the group on practical methods of thwarting implicit and explicit bias. Anyone striving to become truly anti-racist can immediately take what these lessons and put them to prosocial use.

    Learning Objectives and Outcomes

    1. Learn to detect interpersonal markers of status.
    2. Uncover implicit and explicit biases that contribute to status marking.
    3. Improve interactions and behave in an anti-racist way by equalizing status. 4. Develop confidence responding to bias and micro-aggression.

    About Chris & David

    Dr. Christopher Thurber is a thought leader in positive youth development. He has dedicated his professional life to promoting social-emotional adjustment for youth away from home. A graduate of Harvard and UCLA, Chris has served as a psychologist and teacher at Phillips Exeter Academy since 1999. An entrepreneur from a young age, he founded Prep4Camp and Prep4School to teach families how to prevent homesickness and make successful transitions to school & camp. Learn more at DrChrisThurber.com

    For 20+ years, David Conley has been committed to the professional improvement of government and corporate employees, developing and delivering programs for organizations such as General Mills and Veterans Affairs. He has also designed and facilitated programs for youth that promote citizenship and self-awareness. A graduate of Lincoln University, Conley works as a writer, actor, and director. He has starred or been a featured actor in many independent films. Learn more at: PreparingThePath.com

    View the event brochure here: Thurber and Conley_NEALS 2021.pdf

    NEALS is pleased to announce the return of our Summer Seminar Series, sponsored by Wilson Language  To learn more about their products and services, please visit their site.

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