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NEALS Member Conference Online

  • 28 Apr 2023

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Harnessing the Power of Evolving Technology

9-10 Opening remarks, facilitated discussion- how do you use technology to help your students and yourself?

10:15-10:45: Design-thinking activity by Chris Ouellette, NEALS Vice President and Director of Learning Support at Emma Willard School

11:00-12:30 Keynote by Shelley Haven ATP, RET

What Educators Need to Know About Generative AI: Capabilities, Limitations, and Where Do We Go From Here?

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has been part of our daily lives for decades (think speech recognition, contextual grammar checkers, and GPS navigation). The recent hype – and angst – about AI in education centers on so-called "generative AI" such as ChatGPT that can create seemingly original content and both understands and responds using conversational language. Educators need to learn how to harness the capabilities of this emergent technology while guiding students (and even other professionals) how to use it effectively and ethically.

In the first half of this engaging 90-minute session, assistive technology consultant Shelley Haven will explain the capabilities of generative AI, show potential applications geared to education, demonstrate techniques and strategies to use ChatGPT and similar AI tools effectively, and describe strategies for addressing ethical concerns.

The second half will be a guided interactive discussion as we collectively brainstorm novel educational applications for generative AI, identify potential challenges, and explore strategies to encourage responsible use.

Consider this session as a beginning – the information, insights, and ideas gained will help you continue the discussion about effective and ethical use of AI in your school, district, or practice.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the fundamental concepts behind generative AI like ChatGPT, and recognize the potential impact (positive and negative) on teaching and learning. 
  2. Identify practical applications of generative AI to support diverse learners, and begin to develop strategies for integrating AI technologies into curriculum to enhance student support, engagement, and success.
  3. Explore ways to address potential challenges and ethical considerations created by the use of generative AI in education.

12:30-1:30 Lunch 

1:30-2:30 Breakout Session by Shelley Haven ATP, RET

Assistive Technology to Help Struggling Students Learn and Busy Professionals Cope

Assistive technology tools can help diverse learners improve academic performance, increase independence, and build self-confidence.  Many of these same tools can also help overwhelmed learning specialists to manage work more efficiently, reduce stress, save time, and improve overall work-life balance.  Additionally, exploring these tools and applying them in your professional life will provide you with the knowledge and skills to fold them into your work with students.

Join assistive technology specialist Shelley Haven as she demonstrates a selection of ten AT tools to help you do what you already do even better, including:

• Notetaking tools that link recorded audio with handwritten or typed notes for targeted replay later.

• Digital notebooks and Web clippers to capture and organize information while automatically tracking the source.

• OCR apps to scan & convert paper files to digital files that can be searched, annotated, and spoken aloud.

• Distraction reducers and screen management utilities to create a more efficient digital workspace.

• Novel task management frameworks for planning work and tracking progress.

• ...and more.

Learning Outcomes
  1. Discover new technology tools that can benefit both you and your students.
  2. Learn how to apply these tools to improve your professional work.
  3. Decide how to introduce selected tools to your students.

2:45-3:45 Social hour and continued discussion

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Shelley Haven  ATP, RET, BSME

Shelley Haven is a certified Assistive Technology Professional (ATP), Rehab Engineering Technologist (RET), and former engineer who specializes in matching students with appropriate technology. Her consulting practice, Technology to Unlock Potential, serves families, educators, and schools both online and in person with a focus on learning differences, ADHD, and executive functioning. During her 36 years in assistive technology, Shelley previously directed AT for Stanford University’s Office of Accessible Education and helped create the Schwab Learning Center at Stanford for students with learning differences and ADHD. She also teaches an online college course for UCSC Extension titled "Assistive Technology for Learning Differences".

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